Wednesday, January 22

The Lopez Family

On Monday I got to take some quick family pictures for the Lopez Family. I've known Palmis since high school and this was the perfect chance to get a picture since she left today to spend a month with extended family in Mexico, her brother leaves for his mission on the 29th, and her grandma was here visiting for a couple of months.

It's really hard to find pretty places to take pictures when it's the middle of winter. Palmis' sister suggested a park out in Herriman so that's where we went.
 Palmis's grandma was freezing (she's from Mexico) so we snapped some shots of her and the family and then sent the adults home.
Danny (little one in the middle) was also freezing . . . I think his hands are in his pockets in 95% of these pictures. 
 We also got some new pictures of Palmis and her sister Jessica. I think they turned out really nice.
I'm still learning how to take good pictures, but I love having the chance to practice (and I love this family, too, so that made it even better).

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