Friday, February 14

Best 2 Years

Tuesday was a great day because my little brother finally got home from his mission! He's been in Rancagua, Chile for the past two years. We decorated the house with yellow ribbons and a welcome home sign before we left for the airport (but he didn't even really notice, he just kept saying how big the houses here are).
And then we drove to the airport and waited anxiously for him to come down the escalator. All I have to say about these pictures is airport lighting is the worst.
Rachael was so excited she could barely stand it and kept saying she'd changed the most out of everyone and wanted to see what Jared thought. Turns out he agreed and said he wouldn't have even recognized her if she'd just walked by him.
I know this isn't the most flattering picture but we were both crying so oh well.
We were wondering if Tucker would remember Jared and kind of doubting it . . . but he sniffed him a few times and then got really excited so I'm thinking he does remember. Otherwise he'd have barked. A lot.
So happy that he's finally home!

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