Friday, June 27

The Reception

Okay, here goes part two. Our reception was everything I ever wanted: casual and fun, but still classy.
My bridesmaids were great (and contrary to this picture, not ALL of them are way taller than me). This optical illusion occurred as a result of my feet somehow losing my high heels in favor of sandals.
 John could not have cared less about the wedding decorations, the flowers, the colors, even the food . . . but he absolutely HAD TO HAVE crazy socks on his groomsmen. Someone please write a book for me explaining the male brain.
In true John and Kaylee style, we put off deciding what we wanted to serve at the reception until a few weeks before and then luckily had an epiphany and decided that ice cream made the most sense. We didn't hear any complaints about the lack of finger-desserts.
The cake was the only hitch we experienced. On the morning of my wedding, my dad said, "Something will probably go wrong today, but don’t stress about it. As long as you’re married, everything is great." Then he told me that at my cousin’s reception 10 years ago, her cake never showed up. I said that as long as my cake showed up I'd be fine.

Well, 6:20 rolls around (20 minutes after the cake was supposed to be delivered) and I call the bakery asking when it was coming. Turns out they thought my wedding was the next day, so they didn’t have a cake done. They threw this one together really quickly. It was decidedly lacking in fondant but there was pumpkin-chocolate-chip cake under all that buttercream somewhere and who can really complain about that?

(Perfect ruffled, gold-dusted and pink peony-strewn wedding cake of my dreams, I'm sorry we never had the chance to meet).
I designed our guestbook in Adobe InDesign and then had it printed by Blurb. I didn’t want a standard guestbook with lines to write on because I figured I’d never look at it again. This way, it’s also a coffee table photo book.
This is the silhouette John and I had done at Disneyland a few weeks before we got engaged. The lady asked if I was okay with John having scruff in the silhouette and I said yes (not understanding the full implications), so he has these hilarious little hairs on his chain. I love those little hairs.
Yes, that is John's friend Andy preparing to dive in front of a small child to catch the garter. At least there were no major injuries.
This is my dad showing off the foxtrot and waltz skills he picked up when he had to come to etiquette classes with me in middle school in preparation for my big ninth-grade event at La Caille. His memory is impressive.
The dance portion of the evening almost didn't happen because I thought John wouldn't really enjoy it. Then he told me that was ridiculous and insisted we do it, so thank goodness I didn't have the final say there. Easily the best part of the night.
 This is probably my favorite picture of John’s dad because he never smiles in pictures.
My photographer and John and I had already left before it got really dark, but my parents took this picture after the sun went down. I wish we could have stayed a little later because this seriously reminds me of the lanterns in Tangled.
The neighbors behind us told my dad that their two little girls stayed up for hours looking out the window and kept saying that they felt like princesses and wanted their weddings to be exactly like mine when they grew up. I still feel a little cheated that I missed out on the after-dark portion of the evening (we had no idea it would look like that!) but at least John's car got a wash to rid it of stuck-on Oreos and I got some fries from McDonald's.

[Hey John, what about a do-over for our ten-year anniversary so I can finally live all my Rapunzel-inspired dreams? No? Why wouldn't you want to pay to decorate like that again?].

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way (and especially my parents, who really did the most to make sure everything turned out perfect). I love you all!

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