Wednesday, July 9

An Apartment Sneak Peek

Living in an apartment where you can't repaint the walls (so much tan!) or drill holes to hang curtains or have more than one main area to decorate is a little frustrating, but I actually love having a space to share with John. It needs work (like an real rug instead of a blanket, a bigger coffee table, larger art or pictures above the couch so it looks more balanced...), but I feel like we've been able to really dive into the process of making it feel like home on a limited budget. Plus John is now the assistant manager of the Down East in Draper and gets a discount (not a big one, but it's still a discount), so we might eventually be able to add in some nice pieces from there.

When I have some free time, I'll take more pictures of the family room, kitchen, and porch (which I decorated one night to surprise John). The bedroom will have to wait because we won't have a dresser or nightstands until August 8, so it looks like a clothing tornado hit the room. But you can see our new pillows and headboard at least (maybe next time I'll wait for better lighting and it'll look cream instead of tan. Low light + brown walls = not true-to-life coloring).

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