Thursday, July 10

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday after work I took some pictures of our apartment. Basically what I learned is that I can't take good indoor photos. Someone with more photography experience than me should give me some pointers.
The coffee table was a $15 DI find that I repainted. I love how it turned out, but it's really too small. I threw the "rug" (aka Mexican blanket we bought on our honeymoon) underneath it to try to balance everything out a little. For now it's okay, but John and I are working on building a new table out of pallets and casters. Cross your fingers it won't look weird.

My parents loaned us the painting above the couch. I really like it (it used to hang in my bedroom), but I think it's also a bit too small for the space and I'd like to incorporate a little more color. I'm thinking a gallery wall kind of like this:
Now if only the Ikea Ribba frames would go on sale . . .
We bought the little jaguar on our honeymoon at Chichen Itza. I don't know why, but for some reason I just really liked him.
The side table was a Ross find for $30. 
The fiddle leaf fig is probably my favorite part of the room. Every interior designer seems to use these now and they're not cheap. I knew that Ikea sold some little ones, but you can't order them online and Ikea Draper never had them. A few weeks ago, John and I dropped by and I just happened to spot one. I was so happy. I haven't killed it yet, but we'll see how things go.
John got these vases while he was on his mission in Guatemala. There's probably a better place to put them, but I'm not sure where that would be and I don't want them to just sit in the closet. I'm trying to make sure that John's things are included in our decor instead of just mine.
I'm proud of this little flower -- $5 at Target.
Notice the bottle on the counter in the background. That's John's venus fly trap. My sister saw it at the store and knew that he liked them, so she bought him one. It was a very cute surprise.
I have no idea what kind of plant this is, but it was a couple bucks at Ikea and it looks like a pineapple, so we couldn't pass it up. I should probably take it out of its plastic pot though instead of just sticking the whole thing in a ceramic pot.
My parents gave us the table as a wedding present. They got a great deal on it from RC Willey (we bought our couch there also). The "Come Thou Fount" print is by Lindsay Letters. I'm in love with everything she does. I should have purchased the largest size, but I bought it right after I finished college and moved back home, so it went in my bedroom on top of my desk and I didn't want a GIANT canvas sitting there. I don't really care if it's too small for the wall now . . . it still makes me happy.
I wanted to have somewhere to pin invitations/pictures/etc. so I made this cork board and attached it to the door (with command strips, because we don't want to make holes that we'll have to patch up before we move out). It would have been about a billion times easier if I could have just found a big, thick piece of cork, but I couldn't, so I had to use adhesive cork wallpaper and attach it to a big board of insulation stuff (no idea what it's actually called but I found it at Home Depot). Then I painted the edges of the board gold so they wouldn't look so much like foam. I also designed the Family Proclamation print in the frame on the wall.
These are my favorite little measuring cups (the Measuring Gaggle from Anthropologie). I just realized that I didn't get an actual shot of the entire kitchen, so I'll have to come back and add one in.
This is the bathroom . . . aka the room with the worst lighting in the entire apartment. It needed more color so I painted a spare canvas with green ombre stripes and little streaks of gold. It took all of 10 minutes and I secretly kind of like it. Obviously if we owned instead of rented, we'd try to change the wall color or add some cool tile or something instead of leaving everything so tan, but you work with what you have.
I found the vintage botanical prints online (they were free) and put them in dollar store frames. This section of the bathroom drives me crazy because the builder put the light switches so far in from the door that the towel rack has to be tiny and can't even fit two towels unless they're on top of each other. It is awesome.
This is our little hall table. I'm not going to show the bottom because it needs some work. The blue vase was made by my grandmom (who passed away before I was born). John and I had the silhouette made in Disneyland just before we got engaged, the letters are from Hobby Lobby (I spray painted them gold), I made the mirror using this tutorial, and the oil painting is something I did in high school. I'm not sure how I feel about this arrangement, but it works for now and it adds a lot of color, which I like.
We still want to add a few things--a bookcase with a painted back like this and a cowhide rug, just for starters--but we have enough now that the apartment feels like our home. I need to add some pictures of the deck (I'll try to take some that show the lights and lantern I hung) and I'll eventually photograph the bedroom (when we actually have furniture).


  1. Hi Kaylee! I love your little apartment. Thanks for your comment on my blog today-- I can't believe you found that post, it was from 3 years ago when I was still in college. I hope you know I can decorate better than that now ;) Ha!! You've done great with your place. Love the Lindsay Letters print in the dining room. Isn't she the best?! All the fun throw pillows in the living room are beautiful, too!

    1. Hi Michaela! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yes, I've read all your recent posts and see that you're an amazing designer now. It was just encouraging to see that even before you finished college you made your space look great, which gives me hope since I was an English major and not an Interior Design major ;) I'll be sure to keep following your posts since you have such great decorating ideas.


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