Tuesday, August 12

Coles Family Reunion 2014

John and I were able to go up to the reunion on Friday. We borrowed my parents' Land Rover and pulled the trailer up. They always start out with a family picnic. Normally John plays softball with everyone, but he wasn't feeling well (ulcers), so he just played with Peyton instead.
Most of the pictures I took have Elise's girls in them since the little boys were always running around or off playing and they didn't stay at the camp much. But I did get these shots of Dylan. He's covered in dirt because they always do a little train hooked to an ATV thing for the kids and it's on a dirt road. 
One night we drove up to the top of the Dry Farm to take some pictures of John's great-grandparents' old house and barn.
I asked Makaylee to show me how old she is. John had to help.
The drive back down was really beautiful.
And here are the rest of the pictures I took, in no particular order.
 Dirty pajama feet:
 This one of John throwing Peyton up in the air is probably my favorite picture.
Riding the dog:
 Our first tent. Elise sold it to us for $20 and other than the fact that I don't like sleeping in a tent, it was really nice.
This is how I spent most of my free time. It was so nice. I feel like I never have time to read anymore.
 Luke is not a morning person.
I had to post the big version of this one. Check out the look she's giving him.
PS can you tell who my favorite person is? He's in most of these pictures . . . can't help it. I love him.

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