Tuesday, August 26

Lake Powell

This year my family got two new boats. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a working boat, so we headed down to Lake Powell to test them out. It’s such a beautiful place. I didn’t get many pictures the first couple of days because my camera battery was dead and we didn’t have the generator plugged in so I could charge it. I did get this one though when my dad and I were racing back to the our beach after getting Jared aloe vera (he got burned the first day). We made it just in the nick of time. You don’t want to be boating after dark. I got this picture with my phone. Ignore the blurriness. We were boating REALLY fast.
John couldn’t come down until Saturday because the only day he could get work off was Monday. He didn't get there until almost midnight and apparently he almost hit a few different types of animals on the way--deer, a little pig, rabbits, something that looked like an armadillo, and some kind of pig (maybe a javelina?). I was getting pretty nervous but he made it in one piece.
In this one, John wanted to wear my hat.
John convinced me to go on a hike with him. I was a wimp because I only had flip-flops and there were little pokey things EVERYWHERE that kept sticking in my feet. 
My dad took everyone (except my mom, who stayed back with Tucker) on a little cruise through a tiny canyon at sunset. It was amazing.
I am completely embarrassed by this picture because I didn’t wear makeup or do my hair the entire time we were at Lake Powell, but I don’t really have any other pictures of John and I together (and up close) from the trip.
Jared got really close to actually water skiing while we were there. He can get up every time. He just doesn’t stay up for really long. But I think if he tries a couple more times he’ll be there.
 John got up his first time, which was pretty impressive. But then he kind of fell backwards a little and I thought he was down, so I told my dad to stop. Turns out he wasn’t actually down and he pulled himself back up, but by then the boat had stopped. My bad.
 My dad’s water skiing is probably more impressive than anyone else’s because he slalom skis. I don’t understand how he can stay up with just one ski.
And the fact that my mom can ski is also really impressive. I can’t so she is definitely more talented than me.
On the way home, we stopped for dinner at the best little buffalo burger place in Kanab and then got ice cream in Panguitch. But from there, things went downhill. We ran into the worst storm I’ve ever driven through (technically John was driving, but you get what I mean). The wind was so bad that we were getting blown off the road, and tons of semi trucks had pulled over to wait it out. I was white-knuckled the entire time. But luckily we made it home. 

Now I’m just wishing Lake Powell wasn’t such a long drive so we could head down for another weekend.

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