Monday, February 16


Since it was a long weekend, my family (along with 90% of the population of Utah) decided to go down to Moab. Everyone else headed down on Friday, but John had to work Saturday so we didn’t get to go until that afternoon. Apparently Saturday was beautiful and warm (we didn’t make it until about 8:00 PM so I’m just repeating what everyone told me). Sunday, on the other hand, was the windiest day I’ve ever experienced in Moab. There were so many places I wanted to show John since it was his first time being there, but when your hair is blowing everywhere and you can’t even see where you’re going you’re less motivated to hike or even get out of the car.Moab
My favorite place in Arches National Park is the Sand Dune Arch, but this weekend it turned into a wind tunnel and we only stayed for about 30 seconds, which was enough to coat my entire body (and mouth) in sand. So I’ll have to try showing that one to John again later.
Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab
Eyes half closed (probably permanently damaged with all the sand stuck in there):Moab
I wish we’d taken even one picture of the entire family, but it was so windy for most of the day that we didn’t even think about it. And we didn’t even die when we went off-roading and my dad let John drive straight down a huge hill so I’d say it was a pretty great weekend.


  1. This looks like such an incredible time! I love all of your photos!
    Melanie @


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