Thursday, July 2

What I Like About You

john1) Instead of calling me honey or sweetheart or babe or any of those normal pet names . . . he prefers babycakes.
2) Spontaneous loud off-key car singing. Usually he just makes up lyrics because he doesn’t know the real ones. (Hence, the line in “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons is now “I’m checking out all the prison boys.”)
3) He calls me on his lunch break. EVERY SINGLE DAY. And usually a couple other times just for good measure.
4) His semi-newfound sense of style (that he’s maybe always had but he worked at Nike and wore basketball shorts every day for the first two years we were together so who knows?). Apparently a girl at work told him if he wasn’t married she’d think he was gay. So proud.
5) He’s not really into the super-cheesy stuff (no romantic poetry here), but he does occasionally write me a love note and he’s the best gift-giver. A couple of years ago for Christmas he got me the prettiest Alex & Ani bracelets . . . before I had any idea that the company even existed. Always ahead of the trends. And let’s not even talk about the picture book he made for our one year anniversary of dating. I might cry just thinking about how cute it was.
6) Husband in skinny suits. Yes.
7) The fact that he buys me more clothes than I buy myself.
8) He can fix our car. Which is impressive since I’m pretty sure once upon a time I knew how to check the oil but even that has been forgotten. I can fill it up with gas . . . that counts for something right?
9) He’s the baby whisperer. Seriously. Hand a baby to me and it will cry . . . hand it back to him and instant happy!
10) His favorite church calling is primary. (And not because we get to eat candy). He even goes to the store and puts together little Christmas gifts for each kid. I’m pretty sure he’ll be the coolest dad one day.
11) Random accents. He’s convinced his English one is really good. I plead the fifth.
12) Last time I was sick he put me on the couch with a big blanket and turned Frozen on. 
13) He’s okay with chick flicks. And sometimes he even picks one of my favorites for movie night just because he knows I like them. When in Rome and Leap Year get watched pretty regularly.
14) He doesn’t like cheese but loves pizza. I still can’t figure that out but it keeps me entertained.
15) He’s cooked exactly one recipe the entire time I’ve known him . . . but its steak tacos and theyre pretty dang good so I cant complain.
16) Best bedhead ever. It’s usually sticking up in 5 different directions and if I ever tell him he has a crusty in his eye he says, I’m saving it for later.
17) He hates being in pictures but still puts up with it because I like having lots of pictures of us. In the picture above he’s thinking hurry up and take the dang picture so I can cook my breadsticks (bottom left). I can’t help it. He looked so good after an interview that I needed a record of it.
18) If I ever call him Jonathan he calls me Kaylathan.
19) Is 19 a weird number to end on? All I can say is sometimes we drive each other nuts but 99.9% of the time I just can’t believe how great this guy is.

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