Tuesday, September 29

Home sweet home

A couple of big things have happened for us in the past week. I'm sure some of you have already seen on Instagram, but for those that haven't... remi home
John's been dying for a puppy since we got married. I said no because we lived in an apartment (on the third floor) and told him when we got a house, he could have a dog. And it turns out, we just bought a house! We picked up Remington (Remi) the day we found out it was ours.

This turn of events has showed me two things about my husband:
A) he's a crazy dog person (we're talking every two seconds telling Remi how cute he is/wanting to bring him EVERYWHERE with us because he can't bare to be away from him/taking Sunday naps together)
B) he's actually okay with doing home projects with me, which is probably the greatest news I've ever had since I love interior design and decorating.

So in other words, John is the best. Lucky me.

I promise this won't become a "we're crazy dog people" blog, but I will be throwing some home decorating posts in the mix. We were up until 2 AM last night working and I can't wait to show everyone the transformation . . . but it might be a while coming because I have so many projects I've dreamed up and there are only so many hours in the day. Stay tuned!

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