Wednesday, September 9

Labor Day Weekend

In celebration of a much-needed three day weekend my family drove down to Moab. It was John's first time having Labor Day off in the entire time we've been dating/married (over four years), so that was definitely a treat. We spent most of our time in Arches National Park with a million Europeans (how do they hear about this place?! It's a stunning area but it's really kind of in middle-of-nowhere Southern Utah).Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab Moab
THIS SAND. So so soft and warm and perfect. It's like walking through baby powder except that I'm guessing baby powder would get stuck to your feet and that would be gross. I wish every beach in the world was covered in Moab sand.
Moab Moab Moab
John and Rachael and I drove down Saturday afternoon and my parents and brother and his girlfriend came down really late Saturday night since he had to work. Then on Monday we took the slow route home, which involved buying three different kinds of melons in Green River (the melons from that town are like candy, seriously) and stopping at a little rock shop in Helper where I found a few treasures for decorating our shelves. Family + red sand is generally the best kind of weekend.

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