Tuesday, December 29

Christmas 2015

First let me start off by saying Christmas was perfect this year. We woke up to fresh snow and flurries kept coming down throughout the day. John and I got up early and exchanged gifts. I gave him a Sig Sauer SP2022 (no gun control debates here please - we are Utahns and we like going shooting). I knew he had something special for me because he'd spent a week holed up in our spare room from the minute he got home until 1 AM. I was forbidden from going in until Christmas.

Turns out he'd bought an old piano, taken it apart to clean and repair it, sanded it all down, painted, and polished it. It's absolutely gorgeous, sounds beautiful, and I feel so blessed to be married to someone who'd put that amount of time and effort into something just to make me happy. Not to mention he bought me the sheet music from the new Disney Cinderella movie, which is my favorite. piano piano
After we opened our gifts we headed over to my parents' house. They gave me a really nice set of stainless steel pots and pans (which I'd been dying to have ever since we got married). I also got this Irish Pub cookbook and two gorgeous hardcover books (Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice) from my siblings. We've tried the soda bread and Dublin Coddle from the cookbook and both were excellent. The novels are so pretty I have to just stare at them. John got a fancy shaving set from my parents (think The Art of Shaving type stuff) and was really excited about it.

We spent time with my family and were able to Skype with my sister Kristen for the last time before she comes home from London, then headed over to John's parents' house in the afternoon. His parents gave us an enamel-coated dutch oven (which I was dying to have for making sourdough) and a huge vintage baseball photo for the basement. After a big Christmas dinner we went to see Star Wars with my family.

We're so grateful for all the thoughtful gifts we received and even more grateful for the reason we celebrate: the birth of Jesus. I often hear people complain about how materialistic Christmas is, and that certainly can be true. However, we try to focus less on Santa and more on our Savior. This little video conveys my feelings about the season better than I ever could.

christmas christmas
We hope your holiday was just as festive, family-filled, and beautiful as ours was.

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