Thursday, February 18

Valentine's + Presidents' Day Weekend

I took exactly one photo over the weekend and here it is. In my defense, I've been nauseated and tired for good chunks of the day so pulling out the camera was just not priority number one. Remi
It was a low-key weekend for us but since Valentine's was on Sunday we got to drag the celebration out! On Saturday we exchanged gifts (I made a "reasons I love you" book for John and he gave me some goodies from Lush and installed a new chandelier in our bedroom) then went to a boat show at the Expo Center with my parents and sister. To say we're getting excited for summer and trips to Lake Powell would be an understatement.

That night we had a reservation at Porch, which is excellent and we highly recommend (be sure to order the skillet cornbread with tomato tabasco jam and John insists their burgers are the best he's ever had). After dinner we just lounged around which is one of my favorite pregnant-person activities.

On Sunday we went to church and then had dinner with my parents (it involved steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, homemade vanilla ice cream, and strawberries). I have very strong feelings about food right now and that dinner was ridiculously good. But please never serve me hamburgers, broccoli, or sushi - total bummer because pre-pregnancy sushi was one of my favorites.

Monday morning involved shooting guns in a simulator at The Gun Vault, which of course all the boys loved. They loved it so much, in fact, that later that afternoon John insisted we drive out to Saratoga Springs so he could shoot his real gun (Remi's ultra-excited face above was as a result of that little trip). He also discovered the sun roof. Low-quality video but it's a must-watch.

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