Thursday, April 7

Taking stock (pt 3)

Here we are again, mostly because I've been neglecting this little blog so I thought I'd at least post an update on us.

Making: the most of the time between when my sister got home from her mission and when she leaves for college again (luckily we have until August)
Cooking: chicken pot pie (John loves it)
Reading: my pregnancy app and literally nothing else. Baby is now the size of a sweet potato
Wanting: next week to come quicker because we're finding out the gender! 
Looking: for a bridesmaid dress for next month
Wishing: that watermelon and peaches would hurry up and come into season
Enjoying: Blindspot on NBC. Had to find something to replace White Collar
Waiting: for my husband to have time to fix my car. I guess at least walking everywhere is good exercise.
Dreaming: way too much. I never remembered my dreams before I was pregnant and now I have at least one weird dream per night
Liking: that I don't feel like death in the mornings anymore
Wondering: where we'll go to celebrate our two year anniversary in just a couple months
Loving: that today I wore a dress and flip flops and didn't feel cold
Hoping: to get a little more into photography this year, especially now that I have a 5d Mark II to play with
Marveling: that John still brings up Stockton (semi-seriously; I can't do it because he wants to name our child after a basketball player) and DeMarcus (just to annoy me) when we discuss boy names
Needing: snacks. Always
Smelling: all the smells (and they're finally not making me sick anymore)
Wearing: some maternity, some loose clothing. Definitely maternity pants. I just couldn't handle rubber-banding my regular jeans anymore
Noticing: that our front yard could really use some work
Thinking: about our Disneyland trip next month! (I'm going to have so much fun sitting around while everyone else rides the roller coasters I can't . . .)
Feeling: relieved that I'm finished with the wedding announcements I've been working on for a few weeks now
Bookmarking: any recipes that involve grilling. We were lucky enough to get my parents' old (but still new and very nice, just replaced by a Traeger) grill and I can't wait to use it!

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