Tuesday, June 14

Hello third trimester

[Unrelated photos of John and Remi . . . we have yet to document the third trimester belly].

I was telling my dad the other day that the first trimester (and part of the second) felt like it lasted YEARS. I was beyond sick of being sick. But then magic week 17 hit and since then, the time has really flown by. Baby Coles will be here in less than three months! Which is probably a good thing because my organs are starting to feel squished and he's discovered that pushing on my ribs is apparently very entertaining. So much fun.

We're finally getting around to starting on the nursery after finishing up a few other house projects. The crib is in the garage getting a fresh coat of paint, a few of my favorite items from Minted are on their way, and my bathroom breaks and random pains are becoming more and more frequent so John is doing the majority of the work. Just the way I like it.

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