Thursday, July 14

Lake life

Our annual trip to Lake Powell was, as usual, pretty perfect (other than the fact that my brother couldn't get work off for it and my feet swelled up like I had elephantitis). The water was warm, we found some secluded areas, and the sunsets were spectacular. More importantly, unlike last year, John and I slept inside the boat so we didn't have to deal with any bats or coyotes. 42 34 16 18 5 2 8
This was one corner of the area we stayed in. It was perfect because the water abruptly got shallow and there was a little shelf of red rock you could sit on. I was grateful for anywhere I could take off my life jacket (they don't really fit over pregnant bellies. Someone invent a maternity life jacket already!)31
We really aren't sure how any more baby is going to fit in there.
36 25 43
My dad's farmers tan is always very impressive. 7
Me and my elephant feet didn't make this hike.22 1
Unfortunately the buffalo burger place we like to stop at on the way home was closed, but we did manage to snag some ice cream at our favorite shop in Panguitch. The salted caramel was excellent so if you ever are traveling through small town Utah make sure you visit Scoops from the Past.

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