Tuesday, December 27

And Just Like That, Another Christmas in the Books

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Christmas has come and gone (and I'm still sitting here crying about it). We always have a big Christmas Eve dinner at my parents' house and a big Christmas Day dinner at John's parents' house. In between, we opened presents, played with Everett's toys, and went to church (did anyone else LOVE having Christmas on a Sunday?). I got a new lens that I've been playing around with, so prepare for a picture overload. Monday was so relaxed and fun - a trip to the mall, a Chinese take-out dinner and movie, and John's homemade guacamole were the highlights.

If only Christmas could be EVERY DAY. (Minus the wrapping presents part. I hate wrapping).

PS. That adorable puppy belongs to my brother and sister-in-law. As much as my husband wants another one, I can't handle a three-month-old, a dog, and a puppy.

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