Wednesday, April 12

Everett's First Zoo Trip

This week is spring break for my sister Rachael and she decided that she wanted to go to the zoo (I think mostly to see what Everett thought of the whole experience). My brother happened to have the day off and my sister-in-law is off track so they tagged along with my mom and sister and I.

Everett had no idea we even saw elephants and giraffes and lions. Basically if any animal was farther away than a couple feet, it didn't exist to him. Every time we'd lift him up, he'd just stare at the wood along the enclosure like it was the COOLEST THING EVER. So at least he's easily impressed. He did much better with the small animal exhibits since they're usually behind glass not too far away.
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Just casually hugging an otter. Because why not?
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Somebody was really excited about the carousel. Not actually riding it, mind you. Just staring at it and watching other kids ride it.
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Everett and the meerkat really had a moment. Dogs will always be his number one favorite, but I think this was a close second.
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