Saturday, August 10

County Fair

Today we took my cousins Brayden and Rowen to the county fair because they've never been before and their parents aren't big fans of the fair. It's one of my all-time favorite things to do, so I don't really understand why they don't like it . . .  When I was younger, we went to the state fair every single year for my birthday (and yes, I wore my overalls in celebration of the occasion).

The county fair is a lot smaller than the state fair, but it's still really fun. The boys had no idea what to expect, and they didn't love the smell. In fact, they didn't unplug their noses almost the entire time we were there.

Even while petting the cows.
Rowen didn't like any of the animals, but Brayden was pretty brave and had a lot of fun feeding the goats.
They both liked the small animal section of the fair and I have to admit I did too because I'm in love with these bunnies. I really NEED one. John says that in reality, I don't. Dream crusher.
Seriously. This little guy is so fluffy I'd just snuggle him all day.
I also saw these little baby piglets and I couldn't get a great picture of them, but trust me, they were adorable. If pigs always stayed this little I'd have at least 10.
I have no idea what this next bird is -- some kind of scary vulture pigeon? I don't want one of these.
We took Brayden and Rowen on the merry-go-round because it was a lot cheaper than riding the real horses. They loved it.
And then we all decided we were hungry, so my dad went and bought us some typical fair food (homemade potato chips and funnel cake). Brayden was waiting eagerly in anticipation (not that he's ever had those things before).
Apparently he liked them.

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