Friday, August 9

Friday Tie Dye

Friday was an interesting day. I got a call at about 4:00 that Jared's former mission president and his wife and a Chilean girl Jared was friends with were at our house. So I got to leave work a little early and hear all about what a great missionary Jared is. I miss that boy.
Then that night, I went over to John's house and he told me we were doing tie dye. It was really fun and I've only done it once before (for FHE my sophomore year of college). I like crafty things in any form, so this was one of the best activities John's ever planned.

This is the "before" shot when everything was still clean and white.
And this is what happens when I say "smile" while John is tying his socks.
The end result. We didn't even get any dye on the wood floor, which I was pretty proud of.
However, I was not proud that we forgot to use latex gloves for the first few minutes.
After you put the dye on the clothes, you have to wrap them in plastic wrap and let them sit for 6-8 hours. So the next day, John rinsed out the extra dye and threw everything in the washing machine and this was the final product.
We are now well on our way toward becoming hippies. I'm sure my parents are very proud.

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