Friday, December 12

A Post About Breakfast

It’s not New Years yet... but one of my resolutions for 2015 is to eat healthier. By healthier, I don’t mean buy products labeled low-fat/no fat/sugar-free/etc. (I’m actually pretty convinced that all of those things are really really bad for you. Read herehere, and here). When I say I want to eat healthier, I mean I want to eat foods that have more nutrients (not less calories), avoid processed foods when it’s possible, and purchase organic, non-GMO foods when I can (that’s a topic for another day). I’m not going to go crazy and never eat out again, but I want to exercise moderation and just be healthier in general.

I figured I’d start posting some of the foods I’ve found that I like so if anyone wants to join me they can (plus I love cooking and I’ve realized that I never post anything about that because I don’t usually come up with my own recipes. But I’ll happily link to recipes I’ve found and note any adjustments I’ve made).

Yesterday I made whole wheat English muffins via Handle the Heat. I followed the recipe exactly, but if you’re living in Utah like I am I’d recommend adding less flour. My dough was pretty dry, which translated to very little rising and tiny midget muffins. I was a little panicked and almost threw everything out before I even browned them on the griddle, but luckily they still taste pretty good. Next time I’ll add less flour and see if that makes them lighter. muffins It’s really easy to buy English muffins at the grocery store, but they will for sure contain preservatives and ingredients you’ve never heard of before. The advantage of making them homemade is you know exactly what’s in them. I made a batch, then when I woke up this morning I toasted a couple. I cooked one strip of bacon (obviously not extremely healthy but I don’t have any problem eating it every now and then) then split it into 3 pieces and scrambled an egg. I topped it with a few crumbles of farm-style cheese that I made a couple days ago (via Nourished Kitchen) and added one piece of bacon and the scrambled eggs. 


Really easy, delicious breakfast that doesn’t come from a box. And you can actually pronounce all the ingredients it contains! Amazing. Sidenote: the bacon could easily be left out if you don’t feel like frying any and an egg cooked over-hard instead of scrambled would be delicious too. 

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