Monday, December 15


Lately I’ve been reading about the benefits of using wild yeast (which is just naturally-occuring yeast contained in breads that use sour leavening) instead of the quick-rise yeast you can buy at the grocery store. Apparently it’s much better for you. So I decided to try making some sourdough and for my first loaf of bread it didn’t turn out too bad. I fed my starter for 5 days and could probably have waited a few more before I attempted to bake bread, but it’s a really long process and Sunday was the only day I’d have time to do it.

Photo credit goes to John... When I took it out of the oven he said, “That looks like restaurant bread. Take a picture of it and put it on Instagram” which is like the ultimate compliment. I think? I didn’t so he took a picture instead.sourdough
I used the recipe from Nourished Kitchen (but substituted regular non-bleached flour for Einkorn flour). Next time I’ll add a little more flour. I was erring on the side of caution because when I made my English muffins I added too much flour, but having a less-sticky dough wouldn’t be a bad thing. I think that might also help it to be a little fluffier and not quite as dense. It tasted really good though--only mildly sour, which John appreciated. It was delicious straight out of the oven with some butter on top.

I’m excited to try the recipe again since I still have a lot of sourdough starter left.

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