Monday, July 13

needed: book suggestions

Photo by Lindsay Wright

Its no secret that Im a big reader. As in, if I got in trouble when I was younger my mom would take away whatever book I was reading and it was a big deal. I dont have as much time anymore, but I try to always have a book on my kindle that I can pick up if I have a free minute. Last month I finished The Girl on the Train, The Other Child, and Persuasion which brings me to the point of this post: I need more book suggestions! Books you loved, books you hated (gotta know the ones not worth picking up), books youve re-read 20 times . . . Right now Im just taking a quick look at GoodReads and choosing something with an intriguing title. Id give that particular strategy a solid C+ because Ive found some keepers and also a few duds.

Ill read pretty much anything but I prefer mystery/suspense/thrillers, comedy, or historical fiction or nonfiction. Romance isnt my cup of tea and I avoid any shades of grey if you know what I mean. Classics are a-okay. I was an English major so I have a decent attention span. Hence the senior picture of me reading. Some people take cool pictures jumping in their dance leotards and some people just read their book and are happy they dont have to look at the camera for the next couple shots.

Any suggestions? A girls gotta have something to do when her husband wants to go to the driving range for the fifth time this month.

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