Tuesday, July 28

powell 2015

I think a trip to Lake Powell during the summer is quickly becoming a yearly tradition. I can’t complain: red rock, warm water, NO SHARKS (because I have an irrational fear of those -- then again is being afraid of something with a million teeth ever really irrational?). We swim, we tan (some of us better than others #shouldhavebeenbornaredhead), we feast on watermelon and sloppy joes. Heaven on earth.powell powell powell powell
John and I slept on an air mattress on the lower deck, which was mostly good. I could hear bats flying around and squeaking, coyotes howling, and something walking around on the upper deck, which is why I said mostly good. We have had a fox on our boat before so at this point I just cuddle up to John and hope nothing furry decides to share the mattress with us. powell
Clearly I didn’t get my mom’s eyes. Isn’t she pretty?powell powell
Next to our beach was a little river that wound back through some red cliffs and was surrounded by greenery and sand. I wish I would have taken my camera (I was too worried about us capsizing) because it was so peaceful and beautiful to paddle through and hear nothing but birds chirping.powell
This picture was taken a few minutes before John and I decided to hang back and put a little space between the small boat and my family on the big boat because the small boat goes so much faster. Then we tried to catch up and it wouldn’t start, so we got to bob around in the ultra-windy channel until my family realized we weren’t coming and turned around to save us. We were only stuck for maybe 20 minutes so instead of having a good story to tell all I have is a sunburn. powell
powell powell powell powell
This next picture is too good not to share. I told my dad to “smile big” and he morphed into the guy from The Shining (heeeeeere’s JOHNNY!). I like him. powell powell powell powell powell
The only thing that made leaving somewhat okay is the fact that I got to polish off a buffalo burger and homemade apple pie ice cream on the trip home, which definitely makes any goodbye easier. Until next year, Lake Powell.

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