Friday, August 14

In case you’ve never been to a county fair

Last night we went to the County Fair, which is sort of low on the rung of fairs in general (with the State Fair taking the cake). The County Fair is pretty small, with less animals to see and less games to play and less rides to ride, but there are always Navajo Tacos and funnel cake so I really can’t complain. Plus September is State Fair season so it’s right around the corner. (I was the kid who asked to go to the fair every single year for her birthday and always wore overalls and pigtails, so that should give you some idea of how much I enjoy the Utah State Fair). fair
I don’t know why some chickens win prizes and some don’t, but I intend to find out and I’ll keep everyone updated. Is it better looks? Better personality? Redder combs? fair
This little guy was so cute. I almost begged John to steal him for me but he’s been begging me for a puppy for a year now so I figured if I did we’d end up with some crazy compromise where we had to get a rabbit and a dog and I just don’t think I can handle that. Sidenote: I had a guinea pig named Petunia when I was growing up and I always wanted to enter her into one of the small animal contests at the fair but I wasn’t actually sure what distinguishes a prize-winning pig from a normal pig. fair fair
And this is the king of all fair foods in my opinion: the Navajo Taco. I don’t know why they’re called that and I don’t know if Navajos actually eat them . . . but they are delicious. I’m sorry if you’ve never had the chance to try one. Can you tell that only one of us likes sour cream? (Hint: I love sour cream).fair fair
And there you go: an entire blog post without a single picture of John or I. Sorry. We were too busy eating greasy things and lamenting that summer is almost over. To make up for it, here’s a picture from fairs gone by (my brother has the awesome overalls in this one--I’m the one in the back--but trust me, I had a few pairs myself).

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