Thursday, August 27

Life lately

In my two-week blog break we haven't done anything earth-shattering, but here's a little glimpse into our lives right now.
  • We spent a few days at the Coles family dry farm in Idaho camping, reading (me) and napping with new nieces (John).
  • John is starting a brand new “big boy” job (his description not mine) as an accounting clerk at Security National Financial. We're excited for Saturdays off and John's very own cubicle. (I was thinking maybe he'd want a picture of us together on his desk because who DOESN'T want a love-shrine for all their coworkers to admire but last night he came across a baseball mug and so far that's the only thing he's mentioned wanting. Hmm...)
  • One of my photographs was chosen to be sold on Minted and it's finally up! Check it out.
  • I made the best-ever creamy chicken pesto pizza with basil from the garden. I used this pesto recipe because we always have cashews around and pine nuts are a little pricey.
  • John's sister and her family moved to Washington, which was pretty depressing. John spent the night before they left simultaneously wrestling with his two nieces and holding his baby nephew and then we finished the evening with a group trampoline session.
  • I've been attempting to point out the Rose of Sharon plants in my parents' yard to John but so far his flower appreciation is lacking.
  • We discovered that there's a Bruges in Draper and promptly devoured some waffle piled with crème fraiche and berries. So so good.
  • I'm finishing up a wedding set for an inspiration shoot I was invited to be a part of and I'm pretty proud of it.

So basically, life right now is great . . . and we're hoping we have some big and exciting things coming in the next few weeks! Stay tuned.

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