Tuesday, December 8

Taking stock (pt 2)

It's been a while since my last taking stock post, so here we go again.
tree tree
Making: homemade sourdough bread once a week now because I love it so much
Cooking: nothing! John made his ultra-authentic-super-delicious tacos and I didn’t have to do anything except cut the steak. #besthusbandaward
Drinking: s’mores hot chocolate since my husband says you CANNOT decorate a Christmas tree sans hot chocolate
Reading: Library of Souls (the third book in the Miss Peregrine series. Definitely a guilty pleasure but every now and then you need a dose of young adult fiction)
Wanting: this stubborn cold that’s been hanging on for a week+ to go away
Looking: at my brand new Kindle Fire (my company gave out good bonuses this year)
Wishing: that I could find the star for our tree . . . hmm . . .
Enjoying: the fact that my husband decided the basement family room was his to decorate so he’s been building shelves and media centers and painting and installing light fixtures and searching Etsy for throw pillows (and it now is leaning towards man cave status but I surprisingly love it). Dark walls for the win
Waiting: for the homemade brie I have maturing on a shelf in the garage to be ready to eat (only 6 weeks left . . .)
Dreaming: about the planters John said he’d make for me in the spring and all the veggies I’m going to plant. Salsa all day, every day! 
Liking: that we’ve been puppy-accident-free for a couple weeks now (knock on wood)
Wondering: why macarons are so dang hard to master
Loving: that John spent Saturday afternoon putting up Christmas lights on our house while I was at a bridal shower (and I didn’t even have to ask him to)
Hoping: to finish up my shopping before Christmas Eve this year
Marveling: that my sister will be home from her mission in London in 3 months
Needing: gingerbread cookies. How is it that my very favorite cookie has to come around just once a year? 
Smelling: fresh Christmas tree + cinnamon wall plug-in
Wearing: scarves! boots! aka all the good stuff
Noticing: that my kitchen floor needs to be mopped tonight to get rid of wet puppy paw prints
Thinking: it’s about time we headed over to Tsunami again for sushi (a throw-back to my last taking stock post because I’m still thinking it)
Feeling: tired. Turns out those early-morning fitness classes I was going to just try out for a month (last spring) are hard to quit
Bookmarking: my favorite bathrooms. I’m hoping marble tile is in our master bathroom’s future

Can you tell lists are my favorite? 

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