Sunday, July 30

British Columbia Trip Part One: Vancouver

For Rachael's senior trip (foreeeeeever ago, in June) we did a big road trip up to British Columbia. And I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. We drove overnight in a giant 15-passenger Ford Transit that my sister affectionately dubbed "The Creeper Van" and arrived in Vancouver the next day after way too many rounds of truth or dare (the highlight of that being Kristen eating a hot mustard-dipped muddy buddy).

My three favorite things we did in Vancouver were Stanley Park, Granville Island Market, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Unfortunately I really didn't take pictures at Stanley Park or Granville, so all the following photos are from Capilano.

Vancouver feels a lot like San Francisco to me, except that it's more forested and the people are friendlier. (No offense to anyone San Franciscans that may ever stumble upon this post). Stanley Park is by the ocean and it's insanely beautiful and large. We spent one afternoon wandering through it and when I saw a big field of yellow flowers I thought I could get the cutest picture of Everett sitting there! And this was the the ONLY photo I got where he wasn't screaming bloody murder. So yeah, expectation vs reality and all that jazz.

Capilano_0001We had lunch one day at Granville Island Market and I can say with certainty that we highly recommend the sushi rolls (best crab ever), the fish and chips (Everett was in love with the halibut), and the butter chicken. Oh and the gelato. Can you tell I really like food?

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is also easily do-able in an afternoon. The highlight is a huge suspension bridge. My 86-year-old grandma is amazing and walked across the whole thing. We neglected to tell her that you have to walk across it to get to the rest of the park, and then you have to turn around and do it again to get back. I'm not sure she loved it but she did it and I have the pictures to prove it.

Capilano_0123 Capilano_0118 After you go across the main bridge, there's a large area with lots of catwalks and trails to explore. John carried Everett in a hiking backpack, which was great because it gave the crowds of adoring Asian women following us around a great view of that happy little chub. ;)

Capilano_0005 Capilano_0011 Capilano_0031 Capilano_0012 Capilano_0033 Capilano_0034 Capilano_0115
I'm pretty sure carrying Everett around in a backpack is John's preferred method of travel. Every time I'd suggest we use the stroller, he'd come up with a reason the backpack was better. And he took a million selfies of the two of them. Heart melted.
Capilano_0131 Capilano_0132 Capilano_0138
Part two of this travel series will be coming up shortly. Right after I tear myself away from staring at that perfect fat sleeping baby.

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